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Early Life and Background

B.W is a proud husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, pastor and entrepreneur.  He was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, the eldest of eight children living in a three bedroom one bath home and life was not without its challenges.  What he liked most growing up in Memphis was that his Mother was at home; being a homemaker and an excellent cook.  She did complete high school and some college.

B.W's Dad was hardworking, a smart guy, but had no formal education. B.W's Dad instilled two things in him since he was a young boy.  The first was to go to school so you can acquire a good education to obtain a good paying job with benefits.  The second was failing to do so would result in you having to work hard all of your life like me..

Career Path

B.W pursued careers in law enforcement, criminal justice, medicine, business and eventually religion. He decided to join the military during the Vietnam era which made him a highly disciplined man and gave him the opportunity to meet his wife Clarice. He has never regretted working with the military and having met her and states that was the best thing that ever happened to him. They have 5 children; 4 boys and 1 girl, who have blessed them with 14 grandchildren and they also have 4 great grandchildren.

The military gave him the opportunity to travel around the world visiting different countries and experiencing different cultures. They enjoyed amazing sights as they were traveling around the world. B.W advanced quickly in the military because it gave him discipline, hands on training, and skills that he grew to really enjoy.  Best of all he was able to provide very well for his family. He got injured during a tour of duty which resulted in the military re-classifying him as “non-combat ready” which meant they gave him a “forced retirement”. Having the forced retirement caused him to be a little bit depressed because he didn’t know how he would take care of his family.

The military offered him two options:  take a cash payout- but if he spent the money he would be broke or,  accept a small pension with medical benefits. He considered the last option because it gave him a way to take care of his family even in case they got sick.  B.W found himself going from job to job working for the civil service and postal services but  nothing seemed to satisfy him.  He decided to talk with his wife about taking all his savings out of the military savings program and invest to start his own small business. He wanted to have freedom, and more income to be a better provider for his family.  Becoming a business owner he realized that as an entrepreneur you are the first to come in and the last to leave. Because of employees and other expenses and the amount of money that was going out for things that it took to run the business,  he had to lay off some staff.  The business was experiencing losses yet he had to provide for his family, so he decided to find something else to do.

In the meantime, through his passion for ministry he founded a church and began to reach out helping people because he loves listening and working with people.

Direct Selling

Ministry allowed him more time to spend with his wife.  They had been like two ships passing in the dark, she had a job with the government so working in the ministry was an additional job for her that gave her relatively little extra time. They took a recent trip to the Bahamas where they had a lot of fun; enjoyed delicious food and drinks and took a lot of long walks along the beach as well.

Direct Sales has given him a renewed sense of purpose in that he can introduce it to other people and bless them. The products and services being offered really benefit him greatly in that being in ministry he was less active than he used to be which caused him to gain a lot of weight which made him develop medical issues such as diabetes and hypertension.  He began to use the company health products and the results gave him a better lifestyle, made him healthier, and increased his love life with his wife.

His decision to get involved in direct sales was very beneficial to him and has been an incredible journey.  He now works together with his wife for the first time ever; he testifies that it is pleasurable working with her.

Because of his change in thinking, B.W has this quote he likes to use “in order for me to get something I never had, I have to do something differently”. Direct Sales gave him the opportunity to be a better husband, a better father, a better grandfather, and a better great grandfather because he does not have to worry about his family, they are going to be well provided for.

B.W is in search of people that understand it’s insane to continue to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results. “Direct Sales is the Way to go”.


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